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Photographic & Fine Art Printing

We offer the best of digital inkjet (giclée) printing.   We use Canon 12 color archival pigment printers with our largest printer capable of prints up to 60 inches wide and limited only by the length of the roll of material we are printing on.


Our standard paper options are listed below but we can also work  with other papers depending on your needs.

Inkjet/Giclee Options:

  • Semi-Matte RC Photographic Paper (*Acid Free)
  • Metallic RC Photographic Paper (*Acid Free)
  • Glossy RC Photographic Paper (*Acid Free)
  • Breathing Color Canvas Crystalline (*OBA Free)
  • Breathing Color Canvas Lyve (*OBA & Acid Free)
  • Breathing Color Canvas Silverada (*OBA Free)
  • Breathing Color PuraSmooth (*OBA and Acid Free)
  • Breathing Color PuraVelvet (*OBA and Acid Free)
  • Canson Infinity High Gloss RC Paper (*Acid Free)
  • Hahnemühle Bamboo (*OBA & Acid Free)
  • Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta (*OBA & Acid Free)
  • Hahnemühle William Turner (*OBA & Acid Free)
  • Moab Entrada Natural (*OBA & Acid Free)


*OBA’s are Optical Brighteners used to make a paper appear whiter. They work by emitting light when struck with UV radiation but their effectiveness degrades over time and can cause color shifting in the longer term. UV blocking materials like acrylic will also inhibit the UV from activating them and can cause the appearance of a color shift when viewed with and then without UV protection.  Acid Free papers are either created or buffered to a non-acidic ph level (above 7).  This extends the life of the paper and helps prevent yellowing and degradation of the paper.  All information provided is based on manufacturer’s specifications.