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Image Panels

We pioneered frameless mounting on wood over 45 years ago.  Our proprietary process puts Image Panels in a class of their own.  All of our image panels deliver a dramatic statement at a more affordable price than traditional framing.  And, they are handmade here in the United States using either domestic or imported wood panels depending on the style.


We offer three main categories of wood mounting:  Bamboo, Premium, and Original Image Panels.


All Image Panels start with a print which can be a poster, photographic print, fine art print or giclée print.  The print is mounted to the wood substrate using an acid free adhesive.  Then, depending on the type of Image Panel and your choices, the surface is finished with a clear acrylic lacquer spray, a UV protective fine art laminate, or left unfinished.  Then, it may have bracing put on the back, the edges finished, and a hanging system added.  The end result is a beautiful wood mounted print ready to hang on the wall.


Further details on each specific Image Panel are listed below.

Bamboo Image Panels
This is the most luxurious Image Panel we offer. Our Bamboo Image Panel is a pleasure to hold in your hand. It is made using a 3/4 inch thick, three layered piece of furniture grade Bamboo paneling sanded to smooth, silky finish. We can create this image panel with a flat edge or a slight bevel which shows the bamboo on the front as well as the sides. It is available in two colors: Amber and Natural. Our UV protective fine art laminate is the standard finish on our Bamboo Image Panels. However, you can also choose a spray finish or no finish, as well. We would be happy to recommend a finish based on the paper type you have chosen and the final look you would like for your finished wood mount. Pair the Bamboo Image Panel with a print on Hahnemühle Bamboo Fine Art Paper and our Matte UV Laminate or Acrylic Lacquer Spray finishes for a unique, hand-finished look.
Bamboo Style
An eclectic new way to display your photos and images utilizing real bamboo. Transform your favorite image into a work of art on natural bamboo.
Premium Image Panels
Premium Image Panels offer a clean, contemporary look and use high quality materials for a product that will stand the test of time. They come in three main styles and can be customized with one of eight different edge colors. We start with a premium wood substrate as the mounting surface for our Premium Image Panels. Your print is mounted to this surface and then coated with one of our UV Fine Art Laminates. The edge is then finished with your choice of color, bracing may be added to the back depending on the style chosen, and then the hanging system is added. Choose a Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Matte photographic or Inkjet Matte Photographic print with our Matte or Luster laminates for a glare free, 180-degree viewing experience you simply can't get with framed images using standard glass or acrylic. All of our wood mounting substrates are FSC certified and our domestic materials are 100% post-consumer.

Edge Colors

Box Style
Your image is displayed on a one inch thick beveled piece that lies flush with the wall, creating an elegant, formal look. Perfect for large images up to 4 x 8 feet, corporate settings, wedding pictures (the white edge color and a white wedding dress look great together), and much more. We have two options for this Image Panel. The Solid Box generally recommended for smaller images and Hollow Box which can only be used for images over 16 x 16 inches.
Float Style
This modern, artistic look sets your image slightly away from the wall giving it a "floating" appearance. The image is mounted to a 1/4 inch thick board, which rests on hidden 3/4 inch bracing on the back that creates the floating effect. This style offers a lighter, less formal look than the Box styles and can be used for images from 5 x 7 inches to 4 x 8 feet.
Plaque Style
This slender 3/8 inch beveled display lies flush with the wall. It's perfect for smaller prints, diplomas and certificates.
Original Image Panels
We created these proprietary styles over 45 years ago to offer value-oriented wood mounting. Your art is mounted to a premium, medium density fiber board and then coated with a clear acrylic lacquer that protects the image from dirt and moisture. The back includes bracing, to prevent warping, and hanger for quick and easy installation. You can also upgrade to our UV Protective Fine Art Laminate on these Image Panels.
Original Style
Our first and still most popular mounting style. Your image is mounted on a 1/8 inch thick board with a black beveled edge and finished with our acrylic lacquer spray or one of our high quality laminates to protect your print and enhance the viewing experience. 1/2 or 3/4 bracing on the back floats the panel off the wall giving it a shadowed appearance that is as timeless today as when we first created it. It is similar to the Float, a Premium Image Panel, but uses thinner materials and has hand finished edges. It is a great, inexpensive way to mount posters, photos, children's artwork and more. We can create it in any size up to 4 x 8 feet but don't generally recommend larger than 40 x 60 inches as the elegant, delicate edges are more prone to damage in large sizes.
Edge Brace
Developed as an alternative to the Original Style, your image is mounted to a 1/8 inch thick board and laminated or spray finished. Then, 3/4 inch bracing is attached to the back; flush with the edge. This gives it a modern appearance with no beveled edge. The edge of the mount is then finished with a hard durable edging material in your choice of Black, White, Brushed Aluminum or Polished Aluminum. The finished Image Panel is 7/8 inch thick. This style works well in business settings or any room of your house, particularly children’s rooms due to its durability (just be sure to hang it securely!).
Ready-to-Frame Style
Want the clean finish of an Image Panel and the beauty of a frame? Try our Ready-to-Frame Style. We mount your art to a 1/8- or ¼-inch board and apply a protective coating, but leave the edges unfinished. Just insert in a frame, and skip the glass. The protective coating keeps your image safe. Ready-to-Frame is an excellent option when you want the look of a traditional frame, with all the benefits of a Premium Image Panel. And, it’s less expensive because you don’t need the glass or acrylic!