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Can I send you something to mount through the mail instead of uploading it?

You can send us prints through the mail. Use a stiff shipping tube to protect the print in transit. Please contact us for pricing and details.

How do I clean my Image Panels?

Image Panels with a laminate surface can be wiped off with a soft cloth that has been gently moistened with water.  Keep in mind that the laminate is a plastic, like Acrylic in a framed print and can be scratched when abrasive cloths or cleaners are used.  Image Panels with a spray finish should only be cleaned with a dry soft cloth or duster.

How long will my Image Panel last?

Your Image Panel should last for decades, if it is handled according to our Display Mount Care Instructions guidelines.   If you have any issues with your Image Panel, give us a call and we can often repair or replace it.  You can also see our Image Panels Warranty.  (MAKE IMAGE PANELS WARRANTY A LINK TO WARRANTY)

What kind of media will my image be printed on?

We have a wide variety of papers available.  Our standard papers are either Fuji Crystal Archive Matte (Traditional Photographic Paper) or Satin Inkjet which have minimal reflection, good color contrast and density and deep rich blacks.  These papers work well for all types of images and produce excellent reproductions.  If you prefer a more artistic paper, ask us for recommendations!

Which carrier do you use for shipping?

Our primary carrier is UPS but we may use other carriers, depending on what is being shipped and where.  We will choose the best option to try and make sure your item arrives promptly and safely.